The Customer Service Experience: Questions Every Business Should Ask

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In order for a company to be successful, they must first understand their customer service experience.

The customer service experience is precious for a business. Every business owner must have practices in place to ensure that each visitor has a customer service experience that is both memorable and positive. Customer feedbackKriddik helps users assess the climate of their business.

Defining the climate at your business means asking some important questions:

What kind of environment do customers experience at your business? How’s the ambiance?

According to a study done by Contras, a pioneer in workplace safety and cleanliness, 97% of consumers would not return to a business based on a few factors. Their number one influencer was a lack of cleanliness. That includes dirty tables, booths, decorations, and floors. All of these can decrease your customer retention by stopping repeat customers from visiting your business. 86% of those polled, cited this as a hinderance for returning to a business. 

Consumer feedback submitted through Kriddik is diverse. From employee praise to product criticisms, Kriddies (private feedback submitted through Kriddik) offer tons of useful information. 

How does staff treat customers and clients?

Examine your attitude. This tidbit comes from Forbes.  Does your staff smile when first greeting customers? Are they focusing on that person and giving them attention? Does staff go above and beyond for everyone whether they’re new or an existing customers? If not, you might be harming your image. Kriddik helps you to assess the impressions that you are leaving with customers.

How do you measure the customer experience?

Kriddik acts as an e-comment system where customers can communicate their praises, concerns, or anything in between.  

Sum Up the Experience

One customer service expert puts this simply. According to service guru Shep Hyken, you have to ask questions such as, “what words do I want customers to use to describe their experience at my business?”

Each customer service experience should be able to be summed up in that three word answer.

Every business should come up with 3 words they want customers to use to describe their experience with your company. Ideally you should be able to put it into a sentence. With services like kriddik®, you get a clear account of how customers are receiving your business.


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