You Can Earn While Helping a Local Business With Kriddik


Use Kriddik to share your experience at a business with the business.

Was the new receptionist at your doctor’s office super friendly? Did that soup have too much salt? Let the business know. juytd

You can give every business feedback using Kriddik. Kriddik is a mobile app that allows users to send direct and private feedback to business owners.

When you send a Kriddy (private feedback message sent using Kriddik) to a business, they learn what works and what does not work at their company. For most companies, customer and client satisfaction is paramount. So, providing information about your visit is greatly appreciated. Once you submit the Kriddy, your work ends. The Kriddik app then sends your feedback in a direct message.

It doesn’t end there. 

Every Kriddy earns you points toward awesome Gift cards. Hundreds of dollars in gift cards are distributed to Kriddiks each month.

Every month, users that have provided feedback are entered for a chance to win hundreds of dollars in prizes. Kriddies submitted over the last month earned Kriddiks (Kriddik users) Visa Gift Cards —those are great prizes for simply providing customer feedback!

What are you waiting on?

Join the Kriddik revolution. Begin helping the businesses that you visit one Kriddy at a time.

As Kriddik continues to grow we’ll offer more chances to help and earn. Get started today!

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