Want to find out how your customers really feel about your business?


Business owners everywhere are wondering about their customer service experience.

When business owners want to find out about the experience their customers have, they have options. Kriddik offers a discrete and technologically advanced method for business owners to gain insight into the customer experience.

Emailed surveys ask patrons specific questions about products and service. Those emails are often overlooked unless a patron had an insanely horrific experience or in contrast to an amazing experience.

Social media reviews are often just “stars” and no details.  Often this system is abused and competition, disgruntled customers, etc will use these platforms to vent. This leaves a simple mistake magnified and can ruin the business reputation within a large network.

Kriddik acts as a system for small businesses to interact directly with app users. One mobile app creates a line of communication between business owners and consumers. An amicable and convenient relationship is formed with the sending of every Kriddy.

Most customers want a “personalized experience.” Kriddik affords consumers the ability to get personal and private with businesses.


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