The App That Helps Businesses Get Feedback & Reward Customers


Get feedback from your customers in real-time as they earn rewards using Kriddik.

Every business needs to hear from their customers. Whether you get feedback via email or face-to-face, there is value in hearing the opinion of your customer. learn more

Kriddik is a private feedback & messaging system allowing your customers, guests, patients or members to share their experience directly with you.

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Claim Your Business

Kriddik helps businesses by providing private qualified feedback directly from their customers. However, a business must claim their company for the service to be most effective.  

The Premium Membership includes all the tools needed to manage your private feedback. Most imporGet feedbacktantly, the Premium Membership allows you the simplicity of responding directly to each customer’s feedback saving time and money.

Through direct messaging, you are able to dive deeper into the customer’s experience, gather additional information, and foster a personal relationship with the customer. In turn customers can respond directly to you using the Kriddik app.

Although you do not have to claim your business for  customers to offer feedback. If a business wants direct access to get feedback and the ability to respond to customers, they must get a membership.

Manage Your Feedback

Now you can use Kriddik to access and leverage feedback from your customers. As a member of Kriddik you get feedback through your comprehensive dashboard on our website. You can assign up to 5 staff memebers to hel manage your account. 

The dashboard has a lot to offer business owners.

Offers comprehensive data

View average ratings and scores over time

Add tags and notes to all feedback messages

Allows you to respond directly to consumers

So what are you waiting on?  Kriddik is the  customer communication platform that every business needs.

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