How Kriddik Can Help You This Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day shopping? Bring Kriddik along.

Mother’s Day is only days away. Whether you’re shopping for a gift or treating a mom to dinner, chances are that you’re visiting some businesses this weekend. Use Kriddik to give feedback to each business that you visit. juytd

Leave feedback during Mother’s Day shopping

Kriddies offer instant and direct communication with those who matter. Your opinion can easily be lost on public review sites. Not all managers check Yelp or Google daily. When you offer feedback using Kriddik, your responses are sent from your mobile app to theirs with the click of a button. Most industries see a spike in customer traffic during the Mother’s Day weekend. So, whether you visit a restaurant or a clothing store, businesses are eager to see what sort of impression they are making. mommmm

Get started with Kriddik today. You are only minutes away from earning points towards prizes. Get started right now.

The Kriddik app is absolutely free. Here’s how it works:

  1. – Download the app.
  2. – Create an account
  3. – Send a Kriddy outlining your experience at the business.
  4. – Earn money or prizes using your points.

It’s simple.

Join the Kriddik revolution. Businesses use Kriddik to streamline the customer feedback
process. Customers use the app to share their opinions, help local businesses, and earn money. 

Happy Mother’s Day! Remember the most important feedback this holiday goes to the moms.

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