National Small Business Week: Improve Customer Service Using an App

improve customer service

The Kriddik app helps business owners to improve customer service with rewards and convenience.

In celebration of National Small Business Week, we focus on how small businesses can work to improve customer service in 2018. The nearly 30 million small business owners across the US deserve a week of celebration. They are the driving force of our economy and here at Kriddik, we acknowledge their efforts.

Kriddik is a small business too! Kriddik began with a need. The founders discovered that websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor often serve as a platform to blast businesses, get directions, view images of products or menu items. Instead, there needed to be a way that customers could help businesses to improve.

That is where Kriddik served to be a place where app users (Kriddiks) could help not Yelp!

Customers send direct and private messages to a business through the app, Kriddik. Need to improve customer service? You’ll find out how. Want to know which products might need to be eliminated? Customers will let you know. Do you need insight for employee evaluations? The Kriddik dashboard for business owners will help you view what customers are saying about a given employee.

Our motto is The Good, The Bad, The Truth. it means that business owners approach their customer service management with an open heart. No matter what their customers have to say, they can review it and respond to it appropriately.  This is done without the interaction between business and customer becoming public unnecessarily.

For a limited time, business owners can get a Lifetime Charter Membership for the cost of our yearly membership.  New users get all the benefits of a premium Kriddik membership, including feedback dashboard, direct-to-customer messaging, exclusive charter member discounts, free promotional material, and any future premium enhancements.

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