Kridddik update allows users to earn cash for feedback, shopping…


Kriddik users can now earn cash by shopping with the updated Kriddik app…

Since Kriddik launched nationally in September 2016, users have loved winning prizes through our monthly drawing. Now users have the chance to earn cash for using the Kriddik app. 

Kriddiks would leave feedback after leaving a business, earning points that they could use to enter a monthly drawing. That will soon be coming to an end and something better will begin!

Randomly selected winners would receive prizes in the form of gift cards. Thousands of dollars in prizes were awarded to users in less than a year.  With a new update to the reward system, users are now guaranteed a reward for their kriddies.

Once users earn 5,000 points they can redeem their points using the app. $10 for every 5,000 points is sent via email or to a Venmo account. That’s $10 (same as cash) for sharing your opinion with a business. We could all use a little extra money, right?

The Kriddik team is in the final stages of updating the app, so get ready to redeem those points to earn cash! 

Until then, continue to submit those kriddies and invite your friends to try it out!

Now everyone can be rewarded and earn cash!

If you haven’t joined the Kriddik revolution, what are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose.

Go ahead, sign up today!

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Earn cash

Get feedback from your customers in real-time as they earn rewards using Kriddik.

Every business needs to hear from their customers. Whether you get feedback via email or face-to-face, there is value in hearing the opinion of your customer. learn more

Kriddik is a private feedback & messaging system allowing your customers, guests, patients or members to share their experience directly with you.

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