How NOT To Respond to Negative Feedback

Negative feedback

One Virginia business is facing major backlash after they took responding to negative feedback to an extreme.

Here at Kriddik, we stress the importance of having a viable method of communicating with your customers, especially when addressing negative feedback.  Of course, we believe the Kriddik app is the best platform to do that (shameless plug). Well Customer feedbackhere is an example of responding to feedback going wrong.

After Yesha C., as she identifies her self on Yelp, received a Sunday evening food delivery from a local eatery, the delivery driver requested that she leave the company a Yelp review after handing over her meal. 

Well, unfortunately, the customer was less than pleased with the order and expressed her opinion on the public review website with honesty. She gave the company a 3-star review. Well, according to her updated yelp review, not long after, the customer heard a knock at her door. It was the manager. Capture

According to a verified response from the company, the management’s response was not what it seemed like. The ill-thought-out knock was because the manager wanted to “personally apologize” and bring a replacement order in response to the negative feedback. 

Poor execution, we’d say. If only they’d encouraged the customer to leave a kriddy instead…

Now, tons of phony reviews have flooded the company’s Yelp page. It has become impossible for the business owner to determine authentic reviews from vengeful reviewers.

Avoid all of that and join Kriddik.  Kriddik is an app for customers to send feedback directly to business owners. Businesses can then respond directly to their customers to resolve any negative feedback, accept any praise, and continue doing what makes their customers happy.  For a limited time, users can receive a Lifetime Charter Membership. Find out how here.

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